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Customized eLearning for companies, for institutions, for education, for development, for online testing

Customized eLearning

online eLearning solutions with content creation and setting up the learning process for your organization.

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eLearningové riešenia na mieru



Development and deployment of eLearning solution adjusted to the client's requirements and its integration into the corporate environment

Tvorba kurzov na mieru

Custom-made courses

Creating courses and test scenarios for the client adjusted to the requirements of the employee training process

Vzdelávanie a rozvoj

Learning & development

Setting up the educational process and development of employees, respectively guests, and suppliers through eLearning.

My sme eLearning

We are eLearning

Call us and we will be happy to advise you in the field of eLearning, consult your needs and answer your questions regarding the deployment of the eLearning solution in your internal company processes for education through online solutions.


Basic functions of

LMS system

Deployed learning managment system (LMS) contains several bacis functions and moduls for easy management of the online learning process and eLearning system :

    • clients / students
    • courses
    • tests
    • lecturers
    • study plan
    • certificates
    • groupes & classes
    • statistics
    • reports
    • notification
    • authentication
Basic functions of LMS system
Basic functions of LMS system

Our benefits

We offer full control over the development of the eLearning solution, its integration, and flexibility of the educational process, respectively user testing, and certification.

Custom-programmed solutions

The flexibility of system function development

Without binding to the license

Free introductory consultation

a simpler process of the whole organization of education

raising of qualification level in a modern and efficient form

individual approach to education

Benefits of eLearning 


general control of system outputs

electronic creation of courses and tests via LCMS

unlimited content range and multimedia

About us

We are a dynamic team of IT enthusiasts who will take care of your system requirements and online needs not only in the field of eLearning but also in the development of information and reservation system, portals, web projects, intranets, and e-commerce solutions.

We have been operating on the market for 18 years and our clients are our best references. Our clients are companies from various areas of economic life - industry, finance, or tourism. As an information technology company, we strive to provide them with innovative online solutions that will help your company differentiate from the competition. We emphasize the quality of services provided and the satisfaction of our clients.

It is important for us that new clients come to us based on good references and referral marketing.

Effectively and agilely

Our company has been providing the market of online information system with innovative solutions for more than 18 years.






years of experience

Our last projects

Check out our lastest works with examples of the implementation of eLearning solution for corporate clientele from various fields.

Other references

Našou misiou je popri elearningu prinášať klientom softvérové a online riešenia na mieru či web aplikácie a informačné systémy. Našou vizitkou su realizované práce aj pre nasledovných klientov: 

Demo version of eLearning 

Are you interested in deploying an eLearning solution for your corporate needs? Do you want to manage the system in the LMS system? Contact us and we will present it to you based on the demo system approach.

Request for demo
Demo ukážka

development of employees

internal courses for education, growth, and development of your employees, internal testing and certification

offer of online courses

public offer and selling of  your courses to wide audience on the interner as an e-commerce solution

costumer training

support courses for the training of costumers, guests, distributors of products and technologies

Examples of applying

the eLearning


legal certification

solution for ensuring the testing of employees in accordance with legal requirements

competitive tests

testing the knowledge of the target group in a competitive form as an accompanyung event activity

entertaining quizes

using knowledge courses and quizzes are in a fun way as a marketing tool to promote the brand

A number of tests


A number of students


A number of certificates


A number of courses

"We're growing and you should join us!"

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Our mission

Wide range of experience


Progressive solutions


A fair price


Our mission is to provide you with professional services from initial consultation, through implementation, integration and activation of the eLearning solution for your organization.

Our mission is to ensure the development of education in your company through eLearning solutions and setting up the entire educational and certification process of your employees, clients or suppliers.

Our team with rich experience provides progressive solutions at reasonable prices and with professional pro-client support.

Contact us

Price list and costs of eLearning

The price of the solution depends on your specific requirements and claims for the system, from its content and educational materials, or from the setting of educational and development process in your company.

The process of collaboration takes several stages:

  1. Consultation about solutions
  2. Price offer
  3. Trade agreement
  4. Implementation
  5. Activation

Request for price quote

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Become our partner

Let's build a system for educational activities of your company and we can become partners in building a corporate eLearning solution.

Blog o eLearningu

10 typov systémov riadenia vzdelávania a rozdiely medzi nimi

10 typov systémov riadenia vzdelávania a rozdiely medzi nimi
Existuje viacero typov LMS, ktoré sa kategorizujú napríklad podľa hostingu, cenového modulu, zdroja a iných kritérií. Hľadanie toho vhodného pre vás môže byť náročné. Prečítajte si a porovnajte výhody, ktoré prinášajú rôzne typy systémov riadenia vzdelávania.

Školenie zamestnancov a rekvalifikácia osôb pomocou eLearningu

Školenie zamestnancov a rekvalifikácia osôb pomocou eLearningu
eLearning môžete využiť pre výučbu rôznych technických aj netechnických zručností. Technické zručnosti môžu zahŕňať vzdelávanie v oblasti softvérových systémov a hardvérových operácií. Mäkké zručnosti pomáhajú rozvíjať komunikáciu, kreativitu, predaj a podobne.

6 kľúčových funkcií LMS a jeho benefity

6 kľúčových funkcií LMS a jeho benefity
Systémy riadenia vzdelávania poskytujú modernú formu výučby na diaľku. Dnes sa bez tohto inovatívneho systému nezaobíde skoro žiadna škola, firmy ani organizácie. Dajú sa využiť na vzdelávanie študentov, školenie či rekvalifikáciu zamestnancov. Zoznámte sa so systémom LMS a jeho základnými benefitmi pre vás.
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